Network Marketing Lead Generation: The Ultimate Guide. Your Business Will Never Be The Same After This

Let’s get real:  If you’re like the majority of people out there, then you haven’t the slightest clue about network marketing lead Network Marketing Lead Generationgeneration.

It’s okay, though.  It’s not your fault.

We all have to start somewhere, right?

When you learn how to generate leads online for your network marketing business, you will never look at it the same again.

If you’re like most distributors, you want to build a business so that you can live the life you’ve always wanted but without bothering friends and family at the same time.

I’ve had so many entrepreneurs tell me that they’ve burned bridges in the past all because they were trying to build a profitable business.

I get it.

We all want that time freedom to be with the people we love and cherish and to do the things we enjoy.

We all want the money freedom to no longer stress about the seemingly never-ending stack of bills and debt.

Well, you don’t have to bother friends and family anymore.  You’re going to learn how to get people to contact YOU about your opportunity instead.

This is why you need to learn how to generate leads for your network marketing business.

In fact, what you’ll learn in this guide, you can apply to any online business in just about any niche.

This is also assuming you’ve already taken your home based business online.


Okay, but how will this benefit me?

Building a list of subscribers for your network marketing business (or any business, really) is perhaps the most important thing you can do for yourself.

Maybe even more important than building the network marketing business itself.

Here’s why:

When someone opts into your list, they’re giving you permission to market directly to them.  You’re going to land right in their email inbox every time you send out a broadcast or configure an autoresponder.

In fact, according to the Direct Marketing Association, 92% of adults online use email in 2015.  And I’m sure that number has gone up since then.

If you have the budget to advertise to build your email list, then you would be pleased to know that for every $1 you spend there is an ROI of $38.

That’s an unheard of ROI of 3,800%! (if my math is correct)

With Google’s 1 billion users, 75% of them check their email on mobile devices.

With a targeted audience on your email list, you can expect to see them bring 18 times more revenue than untargeted readers.

There are hundreds of more reasons why you should increase the number of your network marketing leads, but the reasons above are enough to convince me.


Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • One of the most effective ways to generate leads online
  • The one skill you need that will increase conversions.
  • What kind of lead magnets that aren’t as effective as they used to be.
  • Places you can go to drive traffic to your opt-in forms and landing pages.
  • Why having fewer places to opt-in is a good thing.
  • And a lot more about network marketing lead generation!

Generating Leads Online Is Your Biggest Asset

Earlier in this post, I said that building your list is your greatest asset and possibly more important than building your primary opportunity.

I know that sounds crazy but hear me out:

The list is your asset, and you own it.

Your email list will contain not only people who have joined your business but everyone else who said no.

Those people are the ones you want on your list.

You can market other products to them that may be more relevant than the opportunity they said no to.  You want to continue to give massive value to these people, of course.

Don’t just look at them as a list of people to be relentlessly marketed to.

That brings me to my next point:

More Than Just Getting Emails

One thing you’re going to hear me say a lot is:

Your list is made up of real people.

You’re building relationships with REAL people who want whatever solution you’re offering them.

It’s a relationship.

You’re building a network of people with whom you’re building a relationship, and they have given permission to market to them.

That is literally the definition of network marketing.

THIS is the real definition of #MLM! Things just got real. Click To Tweet

I think, at this point, I’m beating a dead horse when I say you’re building a list of real people who need your value-added messages and answers.

In the past, when I started a new website and set out to build a new email list, I always made it a point to never look at my list as JUST a list.

I always reminded myself that these people are real with wants and needs just like me.  I just happen to be in the right place at the right time when they found whatever solution I was offering to whatever problem they were having.

In this case, you probably want to know how to improve your network marketing lead generation strategies.  And I have created this ultimate guide doing exactly that for you:

To help you learn how to get network marketing leads online (or for any online business).

So as long as you keep all that in mind, you won’t have a problem building a super valuable list of subscribers.

An Abundance of Ways To Capture Leads And Why You Don’t Need Most of Them

Ultimate guide to lead generation

There are a few ways you can capture names and emails on your website.

Some are more effective than others and you honestly don’t need to apply all of them to start building your list.

Now, before we get into the meat of this, I just want to give you full disclosure:

I am not saying that you shouldn’t use all these different ways to get leads for your network marketing business.  I mean, we want more subscribers after all, right?

What I am saying is this:

Even though there are plenty of different ways you can build your email list, there are only a few that will outperform the rest by far.

It may vary a little depending on what niche you’re in.

With that said, you don’t need a thousand different ways to build a list in network marketing lead generation.

As you’ll see below, Stuart Walker of Niche Hacks actually killed the lightboxes (pop ups) on his website and increased his optins.

That’s insane and totally counterintuitive!


Here are some of the various ways you can build your email list:

  • Sidebar Optin Form
  • Exit Popups (Lightbox)
  • Timed Popups (Lightbox)
  • Slide In Boxes (Scroll Box)
  • Content Upgrades
  • Linked Images
  • In post opt-in forms

That’s just a few I can name off the top of my head.  With that said, let’s take a look at them and see how effective they can be for network marketing lead generation.

Do Sidebar Opt-in Forms Still Work?

The short answer:

Yes.  Yes, they do.

Here’s the thing, though:

There is something called Banner Blindness and more and more people are catching it by the day.

This is where your readers are either consciously or unconsciously ignoring the parts of your website that appear to have ads.

It’s no joke.  Chances are pretty good that you’re one of the 200 million people that installed an adblocker in 2015-2016.

This cost us publishers (people who create online content) an estimated $41.4 billion in 2016.

And how could we blame the people who installed adblockers?  I’m one of them!  I just got tired of trying to read content on a website I like only to be interrupted by one of those annoying pop ups.

Anyway, I digress.

The point is that sidebar opt-in forms will work to generate leads for your network marketing business, but only if you do it a certain way.

The Way Everyone Else Does It

If you want to be like every other wannabe marketer out there, you can create a generic opt-in form and slap it on your sidebar.

You know, those ‘not so catchy’ forms that just say ‘Subscribe To Our Newsletter’?

You’ll probably get a few subscribers that way.



You Can Generate Leads Like The Pros

You can create content specific sidebars and lead magnets.  This can be easily accomplished with any theme from My Theme Shop.

If you create a generic lead magnet, you’re only going do one thing:

A low conversion rate.

Don’t do that.  Put in the extra work and create something super specific for the particular to the blog post you’re working on.

You can see, for example, in this particular blog post, I have a nice little lead magnet that’s related to the content on this page.  It’s about generating leads for your network marketing business.

The lead capture form is something I whipped up in the back office of my GetResponse account and then added to the unique sidebar I created just for this blog post.

At the time of this writing, it’s hard to say how well it will do, but I’m confident about how it will do since it’s so relevant.

Sure, I can make a lead magnet about recruiting reps for your network marketing business, but it wouldn’t be completely relevant to this post because the people who came here from Google searched for network marketing lead generation strategies.

So instead I have this awesome offer for you:

I’ll also make a post about how well my conversions do on this site if you leave a comment below and let me know that that’s what you want.

Don’t Waste Your Time With Pop-Ups

I hate pop ups.  I hate them so much that I got an ad blocker just to keep them at bay.

I’m not the only one.  Like I mentioned above, more than 200 million other people installed ad blockers for similar reasons.

And you can expect that number to grow.

I’m a little biased here so I’ll refer you to some positive articles that praise pop up lead capture forms.

Don’t get me wrong.  Pop-up forms work.  You can expect an increase in your conversion rates.

I just hate ’em so I won’t use them on this site.  At least not in the way you’d expect.

You see…

do use pop-ups on this site.  I just use them differently than everyone else.

One of the most common ways bloggers will set up their pop-up lead capture forms is to make it appear on the screen within the first 3-5 seconds.

This is for two reasons:

  1. Most people who visit your site will leave within 10-20 seconds
  2. They work.

Lightboxes can be a good thing for your network marketing lead generation if you’re willing to have that annoyance factor.

I’ve seen marketers make claims of increasing their opt-in conversion rate by several hundred percent.

But, again, this depends on your niche and what type of lead magnet you’re offering.

Super-Engaged Subs?

When I use a light box (pop up) in certain blog posts I try to make sure I make it so that it won’t annoy people.

I set up my lightboxes so that they only activate at certain parts of the blog post, like at the end or somewhere in the middle.

This way, my subscribers are much more engaged in the content (since they made it to the end) and are more likely to subscribe.

It might mean fewer subscribers, but those people will be way more engaged than your ordinary tire kicker and freebie seeker.  That means higher open rates in your email service and higher click-through rates.

I actually use the lightbox tool from My Theme Shop.  It’s great and lightweight and works with any WordPress Theme.

This is just one way how you can generate super targeted leads online.  We’ll talk about more ways in a second.

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Why pop-up light boxes are a bad idea

Slide Right In, You Smooth Criminal

There’s a neat, non-pestering way you can generate leads online for your network marketing business:

Scroll Boxes.

A scroll box is that cool little box that very politely slides up from the bottom of the screen when you reach a certain point in the content.

I love these little guys and so does Sumo.Me.

SumoMe, a marketing tools company, was nice enough to create a scroll box you can use and even publish the data on it.

Boy, do I love data.  And if you’re a smart marketer, you do too.

This is so cool because we get to see the numbers behind the army of users that Sumo allows to use their products and services.

As you can see from the photo above, the average conversion rate for scroll boxes is 1.9%.  If you’re awesome and in the top 10% of marketers who used this tool, then you can expect upwards of nearly 5% conversion rates.

You can find the awesome article by SUMO here at their website where they talk about how many visitors should be subscribing.

Buffer, the guys who created the Buffer App for social media, found that their scroll box was out producing all of their other ways to opt in.

Buffer’s Numbers

network marketing lead generation

You can see that their Slide Up Box was their best performing email sign up form, bringing in the majority of their leads with a whopping 36.7%.

Their slide up box comes up from the bottom right-hand corner when someone scrolls down to at least 60% of the page and this is what pops up:

Simple enough, right?

Maybe implementing a scroll box into your lead generation campaigns will do you some good.  It has certainly worked really well for others!

Recommended Reading For Scroll Boxes

How We Doubled Email Signups in 30 Days: Our Strategies to Get More Email Subscribers

Round ‘Em Up & Link ‘Em!

Linking images to a lead capture page are something I don’t see quite often, but the pros are doing it and it’s working!

Here’s the biggest reason I use images as the main source of lead generation:

Ad blockers.

Simple as that.

Network marketing lead generation is not the same as it used to be.  Well, it’s not the same online, at least.

Ad blockers have hurt a lot of marketer’s chances to generate leads online.

I noticed this firsthand.

Those Darn Ad Blockers!

When ad blockers were becoming more and more popular and widely installed across all types of browsers, I noticed my conversion rates were dropping.

So I tried to find out exactly what was going on.  What I found was that my opt-in forms were not showing up on my website!

Only after I turned off my ad blocker on several of my browsers did I see my forms again.

I had to get creative or else I was risking not getting any leads at all.

That’s when my pals over at Digital Marketer taught me (in a course I purchased) that I should use images to link to capture pages.

Once I had images in place of ‘in post lead capture forms’, my conversions were going back up.

Slap That Form In The Middle!

Since people have become adept at not seeing ads and lead capture forms in the sidebars, and pop-ups only seem to annoy more and more people, in post capture forms seem to be the way to go.

What you’re seeing above is a simple in-post opt-in form.

All I did was create a form in the backend of my GetResponse account and slap it into this post.

GetResponse is awesome enough that I don’t have to copy and paste a bunch of code each time I want to place a new form or make a change to an existing one.

If I want to edit the form you see above, all I do is edit it in my account and the changes are made live across all of my websites.

Easy enough right?

  • Make the lead capture form in GetResponse
  • Install the GR plugin onto my website
  • Watch the magic happen!

Okay, there are more steps to it than that but you get the idea.


GetResponse & Other Plugins

Using in-post opt-in forms is a great way to generate leads for your network marketing business.  They allow you to place your most valuable offers right in front of your reader’s eyes… literally.

It’s right inside the content, which is technically the best place to insert an opt-in form, right?

There are a couple of plugins that will allow you to easily add in post opt-in forms like OptinMonster.

You can go pro and use GetResponse (can you tell I’m in love with them?).  They use light weight code on your website and with their plugin, you can insert lead capture forms, of your own creation, right into the content.

I mention doing this because it segues into the next bit of this lead generation training:


The Best Way To Generate Leads On Your Website

Is there a number one way to generate leads online that doesn’t include spending a ton of money on ads?


That one way is called Content Upgrades.

This one way to get leads for your network marketing business is changing the game.

So much so that I’m going to write an in-depth post about content upgrades in the near future.

If there’s one thing that up the ante on your network marketing lead generation game, then it’s making awesome content upgrades for your readers.

The Biggest Mistakes With Content Upgrades

This goes for all lead generation tactics.  It’s not limited to content upgrades.

People tend to do a few things the wrong way when trying to get leads online.

#1. Your content upgrade sucks!

Seriously.  I just don’t get it.

As a marketer, myself, I like to sign up for other people’s newsletters and email lists just to see how they work their list.

And what I often see is quite sad.

You might impress your readers with amazing content.  They might even be curious enough to grab your content upgrade.

But then you just deliver crap.

Don’t be this kind of marketer.

Put as much effort (if not more) into your content upgrade as you do with your blog content.

You Withhold Precious Information

If I’m reading your content and I see that you’re holding back, but you offer that missing information in your content upgrade, what do you think I’m going to do?

I’m going to subscribe to get what I was missing, and then I’m going to immediately unsubscribe.

There are a lot of people who will do this and it will only hurt your numbers and your reputation in the long run.

Your content upgrade should add value on top of what you’re already writing.

Why Are Content Upgrades So Darn Good?

There are two main reasons why content upgrades work so well for network marketing lead generation:

1.  Super Relevancy

When someone is reading this blog post, for example, I want to hook them into something that is closely related to what we’re talking about here, which is: learning how to generate leads online for your network marketing business (or any business).

The more targeted and relevant the content upgrade, the higher the conversions.

#2.  Super Value

As marketers and entrepreneurs, we want to get into the habit of adding an insane amount of value to other people’s lives.

This is why I created this training; to add value to you and your life.

If I can create a content upgrade that is super valuable and super related to what we’re talking about now, wouldn’t you be more inclined to have a go at it?

It just makes sense, right?


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Where To Find Lead Magnet Ideas

Alright.  You’ve made it this far.  We’re roughly 3,500 words in and we still have a long way to go.

What kind of ultimate guide for network marketing lead generation would this be if it wasn’t in-depth?

So far we’ve talked about the different ways you can capture leads on your website.

Now let’s talk about brainstorming ideas for your new lead magnet.

Don’t worry.  This is going to be simple and it’s probably the most fun part of the process.

We get to find out where the best places are to get ideas for your lead magnet.

Ask & You Shall Receive is a fantastic place to get some ideas on what your next lead magnet is going to be about.

What’s even better about it is you can use it to drive traffic to your website and lead magnet, but that will be a different blog post for a different time.

Right now we’re interested in how to use Quora to get ideas.

It’s simple, really.  Quora is a website where people ask questions and get answers.

Actually, a lot of these people ask really smart questions, and then really smart people give them great answers.

The first thing you need to is search Quora for the topic you’re creating the lead magnet in:

Quora lead magnet ideasI chose to go with the top choice:  Network Marketing

Once you’re in, there are three places you can use to show awesome ideas for your lead magnet.

  • The Feed where the main content is
  • The Topic FAQ
  • The Most Viewed Writers

Quora as a lead magnet generator

Feed Your Inner Beast

This is the part where you scour the feed for good questions.

I like to look for long form questions, as those usually garner more thoughtful answers.

Why is this such a great place for lead generation and lead magnet ideas?

Because they’re people who are frustrated with the way things are they’re asking questions which will tell you exactly what you need to know to create an awesome lead magnet.

You can see the examples above that these people are curious about certain aspects of this industry.  These are the kinds of questions that can help you make your next lead magnet.

The FAQ Goes Even Deeper

The FAQ area of Quora is put up by the community.  This means that people who are already a little seasoned in the network marketing industry will go here and ask some sophisticated questions.

Quora FAQ Example

In just these two items alone, there are 19 answers total.

What I like about these two questions is that they are both action oriented.

They don’t want to know what the best company is or who has the best product.  Probably because they know it’s not the company or the product that brings success in network marketing.

An action checklist or daily planner would be a great lead magnet for these people.

The Most Viewed Writers

So you might not be able to come up with lead magnet ideas by looking at the most viewed writers, but you can take a look at their answers and see if you find any gold.

Quora Lead Magnet Ideas

They’re the most viewed for a reason.

They give really well thought out answers and are generally very helpful.

Clicking on their name will take you to all the questions they’ve answered.

Going this route when getting ideas for your lead magnet and trying to do some network marketing lead generation will take a little longer than others, but the payoff will be bigger and better.


MLM Forums

Network marketing forums are great places to get ideas about your lead magnet.

In this section, we’re going to cover which MLM forums I think are the best in terms of network marketing lead generation.

First, let me start off by saying that I don’t think this is much different from what we did on Quora.  It is a forum, after all.

Because of that, this part of the training will be fairly short.

You’re welcome. 😉

Can you guess what this website is about?  I thought so, you smarty pants!

The forums is a great place to start searching for your lead magnet.  It’s actually a great place to generate leads for your network marketing business with a bit of forum marketing, but that’s a blog post for another time.

The forums are pretty straight forward as there are only four sections to choose to go to.  This is a good thing, though.  Simplicity is good for us, especially for network marketing lead generation and lead magnet ideas.

MLM Forums for network marketing lead generation

This is the reason I love going to these kinds of forums to get some great lead magnet ideas.

This guy:

Getting Lead Magnet Ideas with MLM Forums

And when we click-through to the forum post, we get this:


MLM forum marketing

A lead magnet you can create for something like this could be:

  • “What to do when your up line falls from the face of the Earth” eBook
  • “7 Simple Steps to Keep Your Downline Active and Making You Money” Checklist/Cheatsheet

Those are just a couple of ideas you could get just from reading this one post.  There are tons more posts on

Head on over, create an account, give a lot of value, and find me on there.


The Warrior Forum

What kind of blog post would this be if we didn’t recommend the Warrior Forum for network marketing lead generation?  It’s an amazing place to generate ideas for your lead magnet.

The wealth of information on the Warrior Forum almost makes it so that you don’t have to go to any other MLM forum to search for ideas.

Network Marketing Lead Generation on the Warrior Foum

The Warrior Forum has been around for ages.  It’s where I’ve met some of the most brilliant marketers and have made some long-term friends that I still keep in touch with.

As you can see from the picture below, there are so many places you can start with the forums.  I recommend starting with the ‘Internet Marketing’ and ‘SEO; sections if you’re trying to build your network marketing business online.

different internet marketing sections on the Warrior Forums

One of my personal favorite features to use on the site is the search function:Search bar on the Warrior Forum

When you use the search bar and enter in whatever keywords you’re trying to target (network marketing, in this case), the forums will populate the page with posts related to whatever you searched for.

Since Network Marketing and MLM are such big niches and keywords, the posts that come up are recent and fairly active.

Relevant searches on the Warrior Forum

I highly recommend clicking through and reading the content of the posts, but just by looking at some of the titles we can already come up with some pretty good lead magnets:

  • “9 Qualities to look for in a mentor” eBook
  • “Why you’re wasting your time with low ticket commissions” eBook/video series
  • “# Reasons why 95% of network marketers fail in life and business” checklist/eBook/audio

You get the idea.  Go through and read the comments and posts.  Look for their frustrations and then find the solution and turn that into a lead magnet.


One Man’s Hatred is Another’s’ Lead Magnet

Amazon book reviews.

Every book worth reading has reviews rating from ‘Amazing’ to ‘Why would anyone type this crap on purpose?’.

When you go to the Amazon bookstore you should start out by sorting by bestsellers.

Since I’m so awesome, I’ve provided you the link for the bestseller list in the Multilevel Marketing category:

MLM bestselling books on Amazon

Amazon book reviews are super helpful when it comes to getting lead magnet ideas.

I’m sure you’ve shopped at Amazon and you’ve probably read some product reviews before making a decision to buy.

That’s great!  You’re an informed consumer!

But we’re not going to do what we normally do while we’re looking for lead magnet ideas.

We want to read the reviews where the person is writing out their life story.  Well, not literally.  We just want the reviews that are lengthy.

Those kinds of books reviews tend to give you a great idea of what their pain points are and what you can do to turn that into a lead magnet.

Go For The Most Critical

For this example, we’re going to peruse through Eric Worre’s book Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional which is a great book and I highly recommend you get it and read it like your life depended on it.

Go down to the Customer Reviews section and click on the ‘See all verified purchase reviews’ link.

Click on the verified purchase reviews link

You don’t have to do this.  It’s just a bit of quality control.  We want to read reviews from people who actually purchased the book and then took time out of their day to write a thoughtful review.

When you click-through, you will see two section you can go to.  The top positive reviews section, or the top critical reviews section.

Top helpful reviews or Top Critical reviews

Try to go through both and figure out why people hated and loved the book.

Here is a recurring theme I kept finding in the critical reviews:

Amazon critical reviews

After taking some time to look through the critical reviews, something I kept reading was that people did not appreciate that this book lacked any solid tips on how to build their network marketing business online.

So there’s something you can take away right there!

People in this industry love to learn how to not bug their friends and family.  That’s why network marketing lead generation online is so important to master.

The Hyped Up Reviews Help As Well

Now it’s time to talk about the positive Amazon book reviews.

You can see here that this person is not overly excited about the book.  They point out the flaws but still praise it as a good book.

Amazon positive book reviews

This is the kind of review that you’re looking for when perusing the positive feedback on Amazon.

I generally try to stay away from 5-star reviews as they often don’t offer helpful information when it comes to finding ideas for your lead magnet.

If you stick within the 2-4 star range, you’ll out the reviews that don’t offer much value.


We’ve made it this far and that really says something about you.  You’re a smart network marketer and you’re serious about making it big in this industry.

Now that we have our lead magnet ideas, let’s take a look at the different kinds of lead magnets you can make.

Types of Lead Magnets to Boost Your Network Marketing Lead Generation

Network marketing lead generation can sometimes be a little overwhelming at first.  Don’t worry.  That’s why this ultimate guide was written.

Now we have the knowledge of where on our sites we will capture the leads and we’ve found out what ideas we have for lead magnets, now we can discuss the different types of content you can exchange for a name and email address.

The easiest to create and probably the most basic kind of lead magnet would have to be:


The PDF Lead Magnet

There are so many things you can turn a PDF into.

Not only is it super easy to create, but it’s incredibly simple to deliver.

Here are the different kinds of PDFs you can deliver as a lead magnet for your network marketing business:


Ebook Lead Magnets

eBooks make a great lead magnetEbooks are probably the most abundant lead magnets out there.  You see them everywhere!

Ebooks are great because they can help establish your authority to your readers.  They provide a lot of helpful information and are perceived to be of higher value.

Good thing is, you don’t have to write a huge novel to give an insane amount of value.

Just keep the content short and to the point as long as you’re relieving one of the pain points of your prospect.

A short e-book of about 20-40 pages is more than enough to satiate most prospective readers.

Something you can write about in a lead magnet eBook could probably be about how you raised yourself from failure to success and how your readers can do it too.

Or maybe it could be about why you think network marketing is the future and why they should start building their business today.


Checklist Lead Magnets

Checklists are wonderful!Checklist Lead Magnet

They’re short and hit the nail on the head.

Checklists are great because people love lists.  If you can offer someone with an actionable step by step plan, then they will love you for it.

A good checklist could be something like:

  • Steps to take after publishing a blog post
  • What to do after creating your first video
  • Things to touch on when talking to your prospect over the phone

Just a few ideas to throw around.


Webinar Slides

Webinar and video slides are hot right now.

I don’t know what it is, but people seem to love having the slides to your presentations or webinars.

You can convert the slides to a PDF and give it away as a lead magnet.


The Video Lead Magnets

The video is no doubt a powerful tool when it comes to building your business.

The great thing about is you can now turn video into a lead magnet, and a powerful one at that.

Check out some these types of video lead magnets for your network marketing business:


Video Series / Free Course

Video Series email lead magnetA video series is something you can deliver either through an email drip feed/autoresponder series or through membership software on your website.

Either one will do as long as you capture their email address and add them to your list.

Some people even put the videos up on YouTube or Vimeo and will share the links on the corresponding days or the sequence.

One idea for a video series could be recording your daily activities on how you build your network marketing business.

Or maybe the video series could touch on different aspects of building an online business each day of the week for seven days.



Webinars are powerful online marketing tools and have earned their place in the network marketing lead generation game.Webinar lead magnets

Whether you’re playing with the big boys and doing automated webinars, or you’re just keeping it simple and doing prerecorded video webinars that your leads click-through to, webinars are sure to be a high-quality lead magnet.

They’re so great because not a lot of people are willing to put in the work for it.  So if you have a webinar lead magnet up and running, then you’re already setting yourself up above the rest.

A great webinar lead magnet could be something along the lines of teaching how to recruit 30 people in 30 days, or how to ignite your downline into action for massive results.

Whatever it is, just make sure you’re providing value to your prospects.


The Audio Lead Magnets

Audio books and courses for lead magnetsAudio has been around a long time and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

What’s great about audio is that it has a high perceived value like video does, but it works well for people who are afraid to get in front of a camera.

Audio lead magnets are easy!

Just launch your favorite recording software and start talking about your subject matter.

Obviously, there’s a little more structure to it than that but you get the idea.

A good audio lead magnet for your network marketing blog might something like an audio book or maybe even an invite-only podcast where the reader has to subscribe to get access to.

I can’t believe how committed you are to make it this far!

That really says something about you as an entrepreneur and as a person.  You’re going places in this industry, my friend.  I know it!


Network Marketing Lead Generation:  Where to Get Those Eyeballs!

Here’s the truly exciting part and where most people fall off the face of the Earth.

This is the part of the lead generation training where we talk about the actual marketing of your lead magnet!

Isn’t that exciting?

You’ve got your idea and you have a format down, now all we need to do is find the places where your audience is hanging out.

For the sake of not trying to drag out this training for as long as possible, we’re going to keep the next section short and to the point. I’ll cover each subsection in separate lead generation training in the near future.

Let’s start with possibly the biggest place you will find your prospects hanging out:


Facebook Lead Generation

Network marketing lead generation on facebookThere is absolutely no doubt that Facebook is an amazing place for network marketing lead generation.

With over a billion users, most of which are active on a daily basis.

Here are some simple ways you can market your lead magnet to your audience on Facebook:

Launch a Contest

People love a good contest.  One simple way you can launch a fun contest is to create a new tab on your Facebook Fan Page (make one now if haven’t already!).

You can use Static HTML to create a lead capture page right in your Facebook Fan Page.

After you have your capture page on Facebook, head on over to Short Stack.  They offer a free tool you can use to help with your contests.

Add Your Next Webinar Date to Facebook Events

You can make a Facebook Event page for your webinars.

Invite people to the event on Facebook and then encourage them to register on a separate landing page.

Spend a couple bucks on advertising the event and filling up those webinar seats real fast.

Go For Ad Spend

This is a no-brainer when it comes to Facebook.  It’s possibly one of the best places to advertise many things.

The average CPC (Cost Per Click) on Facebook is roughly $0.80 versus Google Adwords $2.50.

Join Groups Relevant To Your Offer

If you’re in the Network Marketing niche, for example, there are literally thousands of groups revolving around MLM that you can join.

Find these groups with the Facebook search function and join as many as you’d like.

Once you’re in, post valuable content and get to know the people who are a part of the group.

After providing value to the group, start posting your lead magnet and start seeing the results.

Just be sure not to spam the damn groups.


Twitter Lead Generation

Generating leads for your network marketing business on Twitter

Marketing on Twitter is one of my personal favorite strategies for getting leads online.

It’s proven to be an effective and engaging source of traffic.

I’ve always loved Twitter for its simplicity.  There isn’t much to it:

140 characters or less.
Build a following rather quickly.
It also has SEO benefits.

So how do we generate leads for our network marketing businesses via Twitter?

Glad you asked.  First, follow me @Marty_Labrado

Twitter Automation At Its Best

The tool that worked best for me was SocialOOMPH.

It’s not only a great automation tool for Twitter but most other social media platforms as well.

I used SocialOOMPH to automate the tweeting process over several accounts.

Now, mind you, I didn’t spam a bunch of tweets into the Twittersphere.  I always provided value.

Keep in mind that automation is only half the game.  You still have to show up and let people see that you’re a real person.


What does your following LOVE?

One thing I found out with my following on Twitter is that they LOVE quotes.

Who doesn’t love a good quote to motivate your day?

I used the tool SocialOOMPH above to make a huge pool of quote tweets to pull from and I set it up so that my accounts were sending out a quote to my several thousand followers during a set time of day, several times a day.

This always resulted in getting retweets.  It’s even better if you can work hashtags into your quotes.

This is where you show your human side

When someone retweeted any of my quote or picture tweets, I would call them out publicly by their handle (@user_name) and thank them for being awesome.

They would always appreciate the public mention and this would almost always lead into a conversation between the two of us.

They best thing about all of this is that when you mention users and have conversations with them, it’s public.  Everyone can see it.

The more eyeballs, the better.


Link Up On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the professional side of social media and you find my LinkedIn profile here.LinkedIn Lead Generation

It’s where people go to find jobs in their respective industry.  Some people think of LinkedIn as a fancy job board, and others think of it as a place to network with those who might be your future partners or employers.

There are over 400 million users on LinkedIn.  This isn’t just some collection of random internet users.

This is the place where professionals hang out and connect with each other.

LinkedIn is so bomb Diggity (that’s an actual scientific business word) that, on average, it drives the most customers to B2B companies.

So when it comes to professionals and B2B, LinkedIn is the true King.

With all that in mind, how do we drive people to our lead magnet?

Start With A Group of Like Minded Peeps

This strategy takes a lot of commitment, but the payoff is huge.

You have to start your own LinkedIn group for this to work.

The best thing about this is that practically no one will do this.  So you’re sure to set yourself up above the rest just by creating your own group in your niche.

You can actually find my group, Smart Network Marketer by clicking or tapping on this link.  If you like the content I put on this website, then you should consider joining the group.  We might brush shoulders if you join.

Once you have your group created, start inviting people you know.  People that are already interested in your niche.

Share a couple posts within the group to breathe some life into it and encourage others to do the same.

Once your group gains traction, you create a pinned post for everyone to see and it can stay up there for as long as you want.  Make sure it leads to something relevant to the niche and that your group members would be interested in.

If you’re ready to create a group now, just click this link!

Spruce Up Your Profile

Your profile says a lot about you no matter the social platform.

In network marketing lead generation, you want to give your prospective leads a good impression of you.

Be sure to have a profile picture of you.  One that is clearly you (not you and other friends), is appropriate, professional, and has a sincere smile.

Brag About Yourself A Bit

Make sure your titles and tagline is something that would impress others.

LinkedIn calls this tagline your “professional headline”.

LinkedIn Professional Headline

You’ll want to include the fancy titles you’ve earned in your professional journey and a short snippet of how you can help those in your niche.

It’s not much space to go off but I know you can get it down with a bit of practice.

Why does this even matter?

Having a sleek profile on LinkedIn adds to your followers perceived value.  It says that you know what you’re doing and that you mean business.

People like to follow people who know where they’re going.


Get Your Pin On With Pinterest!

Pinterest marketing for network marketersOMG, I LOVE Pinterest.

I love its system in place for sharing images.  The people who use it are great.  I love everything about it.

Pinterest is a great place to market your lead magnet, although it might be a bit more work than other platforms.

The payoff is huge, though.  This should be seriously considered as a marketing platform for your network marketing lead generation plans.

With over 100 million users and over 75 billion images saved, or pinned, Pinterest has become a beast of a social media outlet.

Did I mention that roughly 40% of Pinterest users are 18-24 years old?  What a great group of people to market to!

Make Images That Work

About half of all the images I share on Pinterest are custom-made by me.

I take pride in that.  I get to see what works and what doesn’t.

So far, I’ve discovered a few ‘types’ of images that perform better than others.

So here’s what works for me:

The images that do the best on the Pinterest account are similar to the red image you see above.

I don’t know what it is but cursive-y type fonts mixed with bolder and boxier fonts seem to attract eyeballs.  I guess it’s the contrast between the words.

You don’t even have to take my word for it.  Look around on Pinterest and see which pins have hundreds or even thousands of repins.  You’ll most likely see two or more contrasting fonts.

SEO On Pinterest

So not only is every repin a backlink to your website, but each pin can be found organically through Google SEO.

Only if you do it right, though.

When you put up a pin, make sure to add tags to it and don’t forget to add a description.

If you’re targeting the right keywords, your Pinterest image will show up in Google search.  If the searcher clicks through, they will be taken to the Pinterest page where the image is hosted.

This is where the description comes in handy.  Done right, the description you leave could entice the reader to click through to your website.

This is the ultimate goal when using Pinterest.

But the cool thing is if even if they don’t click back to your blog, there’s still a chance that they will repin your image, thus increasing it’s visibility even more.




Instagram Marketing for network marketing lead generation

With Instagram quickly becoming one of the hottest social networking sites out there, there’s no denying that this can no longer be ignored.

Marketers will soon find out if they haven’t found out already, that they will be left in the dust if they don’t have a presence on Instagram.

With over 400 million active users, it’s estimated to hold roughly 30% of internet users if it keeps up this trend.

Instagram ain’t no joke and you need to have this in your network marketing lead generation action plan.

If you don’t know what this amazing social platform is, it’s a photo sharing platform.

It’s not to be confused with Pinterest, though.

These are supposed to be photos (or short videos) of you and your daily life activities.

That doesn’t mean you won’t find plain old images on there.  You can see plenty of Quote Images on my Instagram Profile.

Like Pinterest, people can comment, like, and share your Instagram photos.

If you’re still wondering about the difference between the two photo sharing networks, think of it like this:

Instagram is where you share your own photos and Pinterest is where you curate other’s photos.

So How Do We Cast Our Net?

So with all that said, how do we generate leads for our network marketing business on Instagram?

I’m glad you asked.

Well, there are several things you can do.  I’m going to leave out paid advertising simply because that deserves its own post.


People Want to See YOU!

One of the biggest reasons this platform got so huge is because it appealed to our egos.  The majority of us enjoy posting flattering photos of ourselves and we love the feedback we get from others.  Especially when the only options for that feedback are ‘Like’ and ‘Share’.

So when you’re sharing your pictures to Instagram, be sure to sprinkle some mugshots of your lovely smile.

Sure, you can get away with posting nothing but inspiring quote images, and many people do, but the more photos there are of you, the greater the chances you’re going to make a connection with your following.


This is kind of a no-brainer, but you see people do it ALL THE DAMN TIME!

Don’t SPAM!

If you don’t like to 15 posts come from the same person, then don’t do the same.  In my experience, I’ve noticed posting images once or twice a day seems to do just fine.

Also, one more thing to take into consideration:

Keep in mind when people are more likely to see your posts.

I’ve found that my posts get more engagement when I share later in the evenings.

Everybody’s following is a little different so you’ll have to some testing to see what works for you.

Use the Text Portion

Every time you post a picture to Instagram there’s a little area where you can leave the text.  You can leave a description of the photo.

Others like to share some kind of sentiment pertaining to the photo they’re posting.

Smart Marketers like to leave a call to action.  Something inspiring.  And they also leave a link that leads to a capture page.

You might not want to do this for every image you put out there, but it wouldn’t hurt to do it every now and then.

How Much Do I Invest Into This Platform?

A lot of businesses are still investing a lot of money and time into other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  This is great because those websites still offer a lot of ROI.

There are marketers that think Instagram is the future and they’re not fools for thinking so.

The social media platform has exploded this past couple of years.  So it’s ultimately up to you if you want to have a strong presence on Instagram or not.

Personally, I think you should give it a shot at the very least.


There’s Still Gold In Them Thar Forums!

Believe it or not but using forum marketing as another path for network marketing lead generation is still a great way to build your email list.

One thing I love about forum marketing is that you can not only build your email list but you can also build relationships at the same time.

This is essential if you want to build a responsive email list.


What Not To Do!

Forum marketing will require an investment of your time and energy but they payoff is so well worth it!

Before we get into the how we’re going to discuss a few No-No’s when it comes to working those forums for your network marketing business.

First of all, we want to add a ton of value to the people’s lives we come across.  That includes the people on the other end of your monitor when you’re posting and commenting on network marketing forums.

So you’ve got this wonderful blog post or an awesome new video that you know will help everyone who watches it.

You’re excited and you want to share it with as many people as possible.

You find a forum of like-minded people and you think you’ll drop your link in a new forum post because those people can surely benefit from your content, right?


I mean, don’t get me wrong.

They WILL benefit from your info.

But that’s not the way to go about forum marketing.

Not at all.

I’ve seen too many people try to be helpful in the wrong way.

They see a post or a comment expressing pain points or concerns about something and they jump on it.

When they respond, they think they’re helping.  But their message looks something like this:

“Hi there!  I’m an expert in my field and I wrote a blog post that can help you!  Did I mention I’m an expert?!”

Help, Don’t Help!

How would you react to a reply like this?

I know I wouldn’t click through to their website simply because it seems so impersonal.

So how about if we went about it in a different way?

When I lurk on forums and I find someone that I truly believe will benefit from a recent training of mine, then I will respond with something along the lines of this:

“Hi there (name),
I see you’re having issues with (issue #1).  I can totally relate as I struggle with that myself.
If you’re looking to resolve (issue #1) then I recommend reading/listening/watching Resource #1, Resource #2, or Resource #3.
I highly recommend going for Resource #2 as they’re a bit more thorough than the others.
If you find yourself still scratching your head about (issue #1) then you’re more than welcome to check out a guide I wrote some time ago.  I wasn’t able to find a complete guide on (issue #1) so I decided to write the most thorough guide on it.  You can find it here at my website (Your link)”

See the difference in that kind of response?

The first resources that you share shouldn’t be your own.

It shows that you’re more interested in helping them rather than helping yourself.

If people can see that you’re in it for them then they will be more inclined to open up to you and possibly even follow you.

People follow those that they know, like, and trust.

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care! Click To Tweet

That’s just smart network marketing lead generation right there.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you’re providing value to others.

Hook Them In

After a while of adding great value to the discussions on the forums you’re visiting, it’s time to build an effective signature.

This part is a bit more complicated to discuss unless we’re talking about a specific forum.  Every forum has different rules on how and what to display in your signature box.

Some forums let you insert images and text into your signature.  Other forums allow you to place links while other only allow text.

If the forum allows images in the signature:

You want to keep it simple with the images.  Keep in mind the dimensions you’re allowed to use.

A simple banner like the one below might suffice depending on the niche you’re marketing to.

When you’re inserting pictures into your forum signature, be sure that it’s enticing so people will actually click through.

You also have two options here.  Most of the time I go with the less popular option and that’s because I like to add value.

Your first option in forum signatures is to have your link/image/text take the reader to a landing page.

This is great for building you list.  I mean… This is about network marketing lead generation after all, so it only makes sense, right?

The reason I don’t usually go with the first option is that I treat people the way I want to be treated.  I try to follow the Golden Rule as best I can.

That means when I’m lurking around on forums and I see a catchy forum signature and I click through, I don’t always want to be taken to a lead capture page.

I may feel that I don’t know the person very well at that point and I just might not be comfortable with entering my name and email address.

Allow Yourself To Introduce You!

Every time I’ve clicked through on someone else’s’ forum signature and it has taken me to a blog or website with a lot of good content, I’ve been more inclined to use one of the lead magnets on that page.

This is because I’m getting to know the real person behind the link and I’m enjoying their content and useful info.

It only makes sense, right?

The choice is your and I always try to lead people to the Golden Rule.  Whatever you decide to do just make sure you’re providing great value to your readers.

Do Blog Comments Actually Work?

The last but certainly not the least of these network marketing lead generation tactics is that of blog commenting.

Who knew, right?

I have spoken to so many bloggers in the past that still think blog commenting is not that effective for generating traffic back to their website.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

Sure, commenting on other people’s blogs won’t generate a life changing amount of traffic and leads, but it will do so much more than that.

Upping Your Value in the Blogosphere

Blog commenting allows readers to click back to your website if they found your insights to be helpful.

It’s actually very similar to what we discussed in the forum marketing section.

All you have to do is leave valuable insight in the comments section of the blog post and help other readers as best you can.

Doing this will increase your value to the community and the niche at large.

Comment on enough blog posts in your niche and people will start to recognize you.  This is a great way to attract the influencers in your field and build a larger following as a result.

Just remember this:

More recognition = More influence = Influencers reach out to you = You guest post to the Influencers’ following = Their followers become your followers = They sub to your email list = Freedom!

Well, there you have it, my fellow Smart Network Marketers!

You’ve made it to the very end of this nearly ten thousand word article on network marketing lead generation!

You’re a champ!  Now all you need to do is to act on the information!

Thank you for reading The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing Lead Generation!  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and Share this with your team!